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Magnetic Horse Rug

One of the first products in the Kentucky Horsewear range was the Magnetic stable boot Recuptex. It’s a very successful product with very high customers satisfaction and therefore Kentucky Horsewear decided to develop the Magnetic Rug Recuptex.

This rug uses the same Recuptex fabric technology that has proven to be state of the art.

Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology*, they contain the finest Inox yarn (a stainless steel fiber) that is woven into the fabric. It creates a faraday cage which reflects the magnetic fields created in the horses body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow.  It also accelerates the recovery process in a natural protective environment.

The rug is made out of a very strong mesh fabric which can be used both in the summer and in the winter in combination with other Kentucky Horsewear rugs. It’s ideal to use before and after riding to relax the horses muscles. It can easily be left on the horse overnight. We suggest to use the rug one hour to start and gradually increase the amount of hours on the horse over the next couple of days, so he can adapt to the tingling effect it can give.

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