PS of Sweden Bridle GP

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Stylish, neat and functional, PS of Sweden Bridle GP. A new anatomic shaped snaffle, perfect for competition.

The leather of the noseband has a drop shape which means it’s wider in the middle and gets thinner on the sides. At the center of the noseband it is 5,5 cm wide.

A unique feature of this noseband is that it’s equipped with our Magic Flash™, which means that you can easily detach the flash strap and its holder without leaving any visible marks. This also makes it perfect for double bridles. You can simply choose what suits you and your horse the best.

Recommended for horses that:

  • Have sensitive jaws and cheekbones
  • Are used to the traditional English noseband which we have designed with extra padding

Special Features:

  • Avoids pressure
  • Elegant round stitched leather browband
  • Magic Flash™
  • Round sewn side pieces with a unique nylon core to prevent stretching
  • Avoids pressure on the sensitive nerves on the horses head
  • Pullback strap with nylon to avoid stretching
  • English & ECO friendly treated leather
  • Approved by FEI in all disciplines for horse and pony


  • The bridle is sold with a round stitched leather browband.
  • The throatlatch is not included with the bridle.

For a proper fit, please have a look at the product images or contact our customer service team and we’ll help you with the fitting.

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