PS of Sweden Grooming Bag Premium Navy

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  • Stability is given by metal pads and the bag material
  • Spacious pockets that hold everything you need
  • Smaller pockets on the inside for extra order
  • Croco handles
  • Metal PS of Sweden badge

The PS of Sweden Grooming Bag is suitable for the life in the stable as well as being worn on your way to the office. The bag has three pockets, with smaller pockets inside them – which gives you the opportunity to have everything you need in check and order. Metal pads on the bottom give stability and the material prevents the bag from collapsing.

“We want to change the view of the classic tack-box and give it a new meaning. That’s why our grooming bags are so much more than just a bag to have brushes and shine spray in. This bag is both stylish and durable and can withstand the rugged life at the stable, but is also definitely stylish enough to wear to work.”

Height: ca 31 cm / 12.2″
Length: ca 31 cm / 12.2″
Upper width: ca 39 cm / 15.4″
Bottom width: ca 31 cm / 12.2″