• Kentucky Plaited Nylon Dog Collar


    This way you can not only match the rugs of your horse and dog but also their collar!

    Sizes: XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL
    Colours: Bordeaux, Navy, Pine green, Grey
    • Fancy looking dog collar
    • Matches dog rug
    • Hanger that can be engraved
    • Perfect match with our plaited nylon dog lead
    • XS: 37cm – 1,5cm / S: 42cm – 1,5 cm / M: 50cm – 2,5cm / ML: 58cm – 2,5cm / L: 62cm – 2,5cm / XL: 71cm – 2,5cm
  • Kentucky Plaited Nylon Halter

    The Kentucky Plaited Nylon Halter is made of artificial leather (100% animal friendly) and has a navy nylon braided design.

    Sizes: Cob, Full
    Colors: Navy, Bordeaux, Olive Green, Grey, Black
    • Artificial leather (100% animal friendly)
    • Navy braided design
    • Easy to maintain
    • Easy to use
    • Adjustable in two places
    • Gold coloured closures
    • Perfect match with the Kentucky Horsewear leads
    • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer
  • Kentucky Plaited Nylon Horse Lead


    The plaited nylon horse lead is 2m long and is made out of the same materials as the plaited nylon dog collar and the plaited nylon halter and is therefore the perfect match.

    Sizes: 2 m
    Colours: Bordeaux, navy, pine green, grey
    • Fancy looking lead
    • Matches the plaited nylon dog collar and the plaited nylon halter
    • 2m long