• Kentucky Lead Rope Basic


    This soft and round rope is tightly braided nylon, which is perfect to make some great cross-tie.

    • 2m long
    • An easy to use trigger clip
    • Very soft for a comfortable grip
    • Made of Nylon
  • Kentucky Leather Covered Chain Lead


    The Kentucky Horsewear Leather Covered Chain Lead is 270 cm long.

    Color: brown
    • Artificial leather (100% animal friendly)
    • Easy maintenance
    • Loop ending
    • Chain piece 60cm covered with artificial leather: nice feeling for the horse
    • Total length: 270cm
  • Kentucky Plaited Nylon Horse Lead


    The plaited nylon horse lead is 2m long and is made out of the same materials as the plaited nylon dog collar and the plaited nylon halter and is therefore the perfect match.

    Sizes: 2 m
    Colours: Bordeaux, navy, pine green, grey
    • Fancy looking lead
    • Matches the plaited nylon dog collar and the plaited nylon halter
    • 2m long
  • Kentucky Presentation Lead


    The Presentation Lead doesn’t stretch out, is anti-slip and very easy to maintain as it is water-resistant.

    Sizes: 2 m
    Colours: black, brown
    • 2m
    • Biothane Beta: very strong, flexible and comfortable use
    • Doesn’t stretch and anti slip
    • Easy maintenance, doesn’t absorb any moisture or dirt
    • Cheap alternative for leather presentation leads
    • Plate can be engraved
  • Kentucky Stallion Chain


    The Stallion chain is used to have more control over stallions or horses with a lot of character.

    Sizes: 60 cm
    Colours: gold
    • For better control
    • Matches all Kentucky leads and halters
    • Size: 60cm