What should you get a horse person for Christmas?

Hey you, you’re probably snooping Google to find the perfect gift for a horse lover. Look no further because we’ve got wonderful gifts for every budget that makes a horse lover’s heart beat faster!

1) Saddle pad

There’s not a single horse person who says he has enough saddle pads. So, saddle pads are always a good idea! We have a wide range of stylish and high-quality dressage and show jumping saddle pads. So, with this gift, you’ll score for sure!

Ps: Nothing satisfies a rider more than matching sets. For most saddle pads we have matching bandages and fly veils. This will make it a gift to remember!

2) Fly veil

The luxurious fly veils come in different styles and look elegant on every horse. A gift that every horse lover will appreciate a lot.

3) Anatomic leather halter

A good anatomic leather halter is what every horse owner needs. But what’s even better about our halter is that it’s 100% animal friendly as we use artificial leather. This leather has a better durability and is easier to maintain.

Ps: want to score some extra points? You can engrave the Kentucky halter with the name of the horse.

4) Show Rug

The Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug never disappoints! This beautiful blanket is well established in the equine world. This one is a little trickier as you need the correct size. But maybe a friend can help you out.

5) Turnout boots air

These boots are the perfect gift for all riders. The boots can be used every day, offer maximum protection and are washable. The artificial sheepskin feels super soft and the boots come in several colors.

6) Sheepskin shipping halter

This soft and beautiful halter does not only look nice on every horse, it’s also a great protection for riders who transport their horse a lot. For a more daily use you can also get our Kentucky nylon sheepskin halter. The sheepskin halters will for sure be a hit!

7) Relax horse toy

Looking for a fun and unique gift? Our horse toys are what you’re looking for. The horse toys come in fun designs like a horse, unicorn, bear and alpaca. You’ll not only impress the rider, but the horse too.

8) Boots bag

As riders are often forgetting themselves, this present will be well thought. The sophisticated Kentucky look, as well as the artificial sheepskin on the inside make the product very luxurious. Also, you can’t go wrong with this one as it’s one size fits all.

9) Achilles gel socks

Socks are a typical gift for Christmas, however these ones are a bit more special than your average socks. The gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil which softens and moisturizes the skin.

Found the perfect gift(s)? Great! And have a merry Christmas.

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